Санкт-Петербург, St. Paul's Churchyard, EC4M 8BX


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Model Series Year from Year to
COOLBEAR MPV 01/2008 12/2013
COWRY MPV 11/2007
DEER Pickup 05/1996
DEER Pickup 01/2005 12/2013
FLORID 09/2008
HAVAL 5 06/2010
HAVAL M4 05/2012
HOVER Closed Off-Road Vehicle 06/2005 12/2010
HOVER H3 09/2006
HOVER H6 01/2011
PERI 03/2008 01/2010
SAFE Closed Off-Road Vehicle 01/2002 12/2009
SAFE F1 Closed Off-Road Vehicle 04/2006 04/2009
SAILOR 01/2004 10/2012
SOCOOL Pickup 01/2014
WINGLE 3 Pickup 01/2011
WINGLE 5 Pickup 07/2009
WINGLE Pickup 06/2006
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